Do I have to bring my equipment?

If you have your own equipment then you may bring it or else we have equipment rental services available.

Is it safe?

The Cable Park is very safe.

Do I have to wear a safety jacket?

Yes, safety jackets are mandatory at all times at the Cable Park. We offer safety jackets free of charge for the activities.

What is the minimum age requirement for accessing the Cable Park?

The minimum age is around 12 years of age but access is also related to the height of a person.

Are there any group packages available?

Yes, group packages are available for groups of 25 people and over.

How are the water conditions?

The quality of water is excellent and is tested multiple times during the season.

Are school groups allowed at the Cable Park ?

Yes, school groups composed of more than 25 kids, 12 years and over, and that meet the required height are admissible.

Do I need to have experience?

No experience is required to access the Cable Park.