How many groups do you have?

We receive different day camp groups everyday but we are not a day camp. The number of day camp group attendees varies according to reservations.

Starting what age do you accept kids?

There are no age restrictions for day camps.

Do you shelter kids?

There is no sheltering on the site.

Who are your monitors?

Monitors are provided by the day camps (clients), however entertainers and lifeguards are from our site.

Do day camps provide their monitors?

Yes, monitors are provided by the day camps attending our site.

What is the monitor versus kid ratio?

Monitors are of the responsibility of the day camps attending our site. In general approximately 1 monitor for 8 kids is required, however this may vary.

Is it safe for my kid to attend your site if he has food allergies?

Yes, one must take the time to detail in writing the specifics about allergies of a kid and to advise monitors of the day camp.

What is the arrival and departure time for day camps?

The arrival and departure time of a day camp is established at their convenience and according to their reservation.