General rules for the Beachclub :

On the Beachclub site i.e. at the Beachclub, the Pointe-Calumet beach and at the Cable Park the following rules must be respected at all times. Employees of the site have the right to escort any person not complying with the rules listed below :

1- It is strictly forbidden to consume or bring drugs at the Beachclub.

2- It is strictly forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages from outside to the Beachclub.

3- No glass containers are allowed at the Beachclub.

4- All beverages must be sealed to be admissible on the site. Employees have the right to throw away any beverage not complying with this point.

5- It is strictly forbidden to bring animals on the Beachclub site.

6- It is strictly forbidden to bring arms, knives, Swiss penknives or any other objet that may be a source of danger at the Beachclub.

7- Verbal or physical violence will not be tolerated on the Beachclub site. Any person not complying with this point will immediately be escorted out of the premises.

8- Nudism is not tolerated and tops for ladies are mandatory.

9- The swimming pool area on the island of the Beachclub is strictly reserved for adults 18 years of age and older.

10- It is strictly forbidden to run around the pool.

11- It is strictly forbidden to dive in the pool.

12- The swimming pool has a maximum capacity of 50 swimmers.

Rules for the Plage de Pointe-Calumet

Rules for the Trampoline

1- A maximum of 2 people are allowed at once on the trampoline.

2- It is strictly forbidden to jump in the water from the trampoline.

3- Waiting lines must be done on the sand and not on the dock.

Rules for Paddle Boating and Kayaking

1- Safety jackets are mandatory at all times.

2- Always remain in the bay.

3- Sand and seaweeds must not be thrown.

4- One must be able to pedal otherwise another person must accompany him in the paddle boat.

5- Do not use kayaks during high wind periods since will likely drift.

6- Always return paddle boats and kayaks to the starting point.

Rules for the Beach

1- It is strictly forbidden to jump down the slides.

2- It is strictly forbidden to go under the slides.

3- Do not hold onto anyone.

4- Bad swimmers must wear safety jackets at all times.

5- Sand and seaweeds must not be thrown.

6- Do not play with lifeguard rescue rings.

Procedure in case of thunderstorm or other dangerous situation

Evacuation of all water plans in case of thunderstorm :

At the first sound of thunder, all swimmers must immediately evacuate all water plans. If no other sound is heard 5 minutes after the first, swimmers may return swimming or to their aquatic activity. If another sound is heard within the 5 minutes following the first sound of thunder, then swimmers must wait 15 minutes before returning to the water. Finally, if a moderately heavy thunderstorm is present and that lightning is seen close to water, then swimmers must wait half an hour before going back.

Evacuation in case of water contamination :

If a water contamination is eminent, swimmers must leave the water until tests indicate that there is no danger. It is important to note that this type of contamination (usually chemical) is extremely rare and almost impossible at the Beachclub. Contamination from bacteria due to waste is however possible and that is why it is essential to clean the beach.

* Please note that no building evacuation has been issued in this report. The evacuation procedure for the building must be displayed in the Beachclub building and placed in a visible manner as required according to standards.

** During evacuation time, lifeguards must remain polite while asking for swimmers to leave water plans. They must remain patient and understanding towards the clients.